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What is Fitness-Rehab?

A bridge between Rehab and Fitness Training, Fitness Rehab is a corrective exercise, core training and mobility development program based upon a comprehensive assessment and tailored to enable clients seeking to eliminate chronic injury and athletes seeking to move better to achieve their goals in a safe and effective manner.

In conjunction with massage therapy, We provide you the tools and education to perform self-maintenance in order to support you in a lifetime of fitness.

 How does massage therapy and corrective exercise work together?

Both massage therapy and corrective exercise are vital to eliminating pain and ensuring it doesn’t return. Imagine you have a sore shoulder or a stiff lower back that feels great after massage but soon tightens up again as you go throughout your week.

Often, this tightness is the result of a muscular imbalance or a neurological “tightening” as the body’s response to the way we move. After the muscle is released through massage, the next step to eliminating this problem is to re-train the body to move more efficiently through specialized corrective exercise.

Typically, clients will be given 1-3 pieces of homework during the week ad their “correctives” to work on this specific issue. With each week, they will begin to notice less pain and improve function of this area.

Moreover, we teach you the basic tools to maintain the effects of massage longer to ensure we maximize it’s benefits.

Who is a Candidate for Fitness-Rehab?

Are you just starting an exercise program but concerned about injury?  Are you an athlete with specific movement limitations?  Are you already active and frequently injured? Do you have chronic pain?  Are you completing physical therapy and seeking ongoing support?  Are you a human being seeking a specific blueprint on how to move and feel better?

Specific clients we have worked with include the following:

Post rehab (back, shoulder, total knee, total hip)
Individuals in chronic pain (back, neck, shoulder, knee, etc)
Crossfitters seeking to improve PRs
MMA/BJJ athletes seeking better control of extreme positions
Golfers seeking to improve their rotation and swing
Bodybuilders with chronic pain

If so, Fitness-Rehab provides a bridge to achieving your long-term fitness goals.

How Does This Work?

Our initial assessment involves joint-by-joint evaluation, muscle testing and fitness testing. Some of the systems we utilize include:

  • Neurokinetic testing
  • Functional Range Assessment
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Orthopedic testing

Corrective exercises are identified to restore the limitations in range of motion and getting active. With your body’s blueprint in mind we provide:

Safe starting recommendations and modifications for gym based exercises and activities.
Custom warm up routines to safely prepare the body for physical activity.
Corrective exercise to reduce muscle imbalances and improve flexibility.

Private or semi-private sessions are geared to improve core strength, build joint mobility and expand flexibility and range of motion.  Contact Us today for a free consultation and assessment!