Massage Therapists

Jemison Lacy - MA75554

My goal is for my clients to live pain free without the use of pills or other pharmaceuticals.

Beginning my career as a personal trainer, I quickly became interested in Corrective Exercises and foam rolling.  While using these techniques, I began noticing that I was correcting posture and clients were ending the session in less pain than usual.  I knew that there was more I could do if I understood the pain patterns better and why.  This led me to attend massage school at Cortiva Institute.

Upon completion of massage school, I began working in a chiropractic setting.  I knew coming in that I was more interested in therapeutic work so I immediately started studying Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and Sports Massage.  Through the use of muscle testing and postural analysis and using the techniques that I have learned, I am able to address the issues causing the pain.  I am also known to give my clients "homework" exercises to retrain their body to hold the adjustments that I have made.  

This is my passion in life.  Whether you are having mobility issues, low back pain, headaches or knee pain, I have a plan to help you live pain free.

Sabina Modeste - MA82911

B.A. Psychology – Hunter College CUNY
A.O.S. – Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy
Massage Instructor – Cortiva Institute
Massage Practitioner – 18 years

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 18 years.  I have worked in academia as a Program Director, Education Manager and Instructor. As a Therapist, I have worked in Resort settings, Hospitals, Days Spa and Individual Practice.

My approach is to design individual sessions for each client, based on the information that I am presented with. I enjoy therapeutic work in combination with relaxing techniques. I am well versed in Neuromuscular, Myofascial and Body Mobilization techniques.

My goal for each session is to ease tension and dysfunction and bring the body to an ideal state of wellness and functionality.

Demekisa Davis, D.O.M.

 is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he completed over 3,000 hours of clinical training.   Dr. Davis  has been practicing for 18 years as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in various settings throughout Pinellas County including a pain management medical clinic and private practice. 
          Born and raised in Southern California,  Dr. Davis has had a lifelong interest in   Holistic medicine. He believes that the "balance to health is to know thyself".  He has been trained in a variety of modalities for healing including Tui Na, medical Qi Gong, acupuncture, Chinese herbology, AIT, cupping, and auricular therapy. Primary specialty areas: acute and chronic pain, internal medicine, natural aesthetic medicine.  

Joey Arnold - MA36264

Athletics and wellness have always been a big part of my life. Having played collegiate soccer and competed in indoor and beach volleyball tournaments for over 20 years has allowed me to understand and empathize with what athletes go through to recover and maintain optimal performance. As a licensed sports massage and orthopedic manual therapy specialist; I've developed training and therapy programs for individual athletes and teams across multiple sports. I do my best to help clients and athletes make improvements in every therapy session.

Neuromuscular therapies: (Cortiva)-formerly The Humanities Center
4/4/02 625 hrs
Graduated with Academic honors
Awarded Leadership award by peers
Cranial sacral therapy:
6/10/03 16 hrs
Sports and overuse injuries:
8/21/07  4 hrs
Orthopedic massage & ankle sprains:
8/21/07  4hrs
Orthopedic assessment. Neck:
5/1/09  2hrs
Orthopedic assessment  hip &knee:
5/29/09 2hrs
6/8/09  4hrs
Sports massage for golfers:
6/8/09  4hrs
Deep tissue techniques:
8/8/11  14 hrs
Physical modalities ultrasound/IF:
3/23-24/13  12 hrs
Muscle testing for athletes:
3/30-31/15  12 hrs
IASTM instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation
1/27-29/17  20 hrs
Chiropractic office setting 1 yr
YMCA trinity treatment center 2 years
Private practice 11 years

Warriors in Action

James Thomason - MA78961

James is a 2001 graduate of Rising Spirit Massage School in Atlanta, GA.  He received an education in massage, neuromuscular therapy and musculoskeletal kinesiology.  He has practiced therapeutic massage in clinical settings ever since.  James recently moved from Atlanta to St Petersburg where he hopes to help more people with everything from stress and the negative impact it has on the body to overcoming physical ailments such as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, sciatica, TMJD and chronic pain.  

James is dedicated to the art of massage. He continues to learn and seek continuing education from some of the most well regarded educators in the massage profession.  He is a member of the AMTA and is board certified by the NCBTMB.

Lena Roberts - MA65921  (Owner)

Since I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to help people feel better.  I started at the local hospital at the age of 14.  I went on to work in many ICUs, ERs, Hospices and Home Health Agencies.  I saw how powerful touch was in all stages of healing.

When the youngest of my 2 children graduated from high school, I decided to move from North Carolina to Florida and pursue massage therapy.  Cortiva institute was my school of choice because if focused on the healing aspects of massage.  There, I received training in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Myofascial Release (MFR), Swedish, Hot Stones, Sports and Chair Massage.

After graduation, I went to work at a conservative chiropractor's office where massage was considered a big part of the recovery and maintenance process.  I was able to see that each person is different and needs individual treatment.

Stones have been a fascination for me.  During a massage, I have found that the use of hot stones or Himalayan Salt Stones can bring a deeper level of relaxation.  I will also show you the benefits of Essential Oils and incorporate them into you massage if you'd like.

I am now certified in medicupping as well.  Utilizing a suction machine or hand pump, the plastic or glass cups help to draw the tissue away from the skeleton expediting the release of trigger points or myofascial adhesions.  It is an incredible approach!

Peaceful Warriors Wellness Center


19 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St S, St Petersburg, FL 33705

(727) 822-8866

John Testa - MA46226

John is a Tampa Native.  He became a Licensed Massage Therapist in January of 2006 and has since worked in the medical field providing Therapeutic Massage.  Trained in Oncology Massage, it is John's dream and passion to assist in the improvement and maintenance of his clients' overall well-being and is devoted to each one of them.  Specialties include: Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular, Hot Stone, Oncology and Accupressure Massage.  John is currently only available in this office on Saturdays.

Optimizing Performance and Relieving Stress with therapeutic massage in Saint Petersburg

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Kecia Fowler - MA87777

​Kecia is a Board Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  She has been in the field of alternative therapies since 2001. Kecia’s belief in an integrative approach to health and wellness is what led her to pursue a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese medicine at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, Ca. She took on an intensive four years of studying acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine in order to treat patients on a deeper and more systemic level. She found a passion in treating people with chronic pain and autoimmune diseases as well as endurance athletes looking for a way to decrease their recovery time and increase their performance. Kecia utilizes a deep myofascial technique to find areas of restriction and give your body gentle permission to ease back into a place of expansion.  She has over 9 years of experience in teaching anatomy, physiology and many types of bodywork within massage therapy programs giving her extensive knowledge of the body and how it functions as one unit.